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Ubound is an intense and energetic program that utilises the mini trampoline to give you a high intensity workout with ZERO impact and without damaging the joints, causing an approximate 

calorie expenditure per session!

Ubound benefits the lymphatic system, helping the release of toxins to fight cellulite and offers a very simple, effective and fun training program. Ubound offers what many scientists have defined as “one of the most effective

exercises created by man”!


Kimax is performed with a free-standing kickboxing bag, designed exclusively for this class, using boxing gloves and/or shin pads for optional protection. Each ‘round’ (track) used in Kimax assimilates the use of Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing through simple combinations, which are intense and dynamic. The Rounds are also interspersed with aerobic recovery and muscle strengthening.

Kimax Plus combines boxing and martial arts strikes together with effective exercises for a more advanced form of training. Kimax Plus provides agility, mobility, strength and fitness packed into a great class to help you achieve great results. With Kimax Plus we’ve included specific conditioning exercises, which will help in the execution and performance of strikes and combinations used in the program.


Top Ride is the best indoor cycling program because it has 3 individual class formats (Full, Race & Climb) to provide the ultimate in physical conditioning and training for any avid lover of the cycle. With more variety each day/class, Top Ride is truly the best spin class that will literally tone your thighs and butt, while also dramatically improving your fitness stamina.


A challenging program to strengthen and tone your body, Power is much more than just training with weights! Power has been cleverly designed to offer 4x individual classes (formats) with its own muscle grouping, which provides a variety of training goals such as strength, stamina, muscle toning and fat burning.


Built on the fundamentals of Pilates and Yoga Oxigeno will enhance your flexibility and mobility through a series of harmonious and flowing movements that are intimately connected with breathing. Relaxing your mind and body to the sound of gentle and soothing music, participants connect with their inner self, achieving a state of unparalleled peace and serenity.


Hyper C - the best Core HIIT program, providing an intense and effective workout for Abs and Glutes! The key to all body movements is dependent on your core stability, strength and mobility. With it you can do everything from the mundane to the extreme. Without it and the easiest of tasks become impossible. Enter Hyper C. a strength and conditioning program specifically for the abdominals and glutes, which will help you to do almost anything. Hyper C uses the HIIT formula, providing great results in short time. With Hyper C, you will improve your tone in abs and glutes and burn fat localised on the abdominal zone. Hyper C is what ALL Abs and Butt programs should be, innovative, challenging, and rewarding.


Factor F offers 2 very simple and intense training strategies in a 30-minute format, specifically for those with modern hectic lifestyles, to achieve real and fast results in terms of physical conditioning, fat burning and muscle toning. This functional training program imitates real physical movements used in everyday life, at work and in sports, which is why demand for the program has taken the world by storm.

Factor F is two individual programs in one, the first being Suspension Straps. Straps make it possible to work the

body in all three planes, using ones own bodyweight as resistance.

The second Factor F® strategy is a Circuit, combining simple exercises using training props and/or the body weight. Different muscle groups are involved at the same time, which results in a considerable increase of the metabolic rate and improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity. 

X55 *not on our current timetable*

X55 is specially designed to burn calories and at the same time to work and tone your legs and glutes. This novel system uses the weight of the body itself as its resistance and through other props such as hand weights and or bands the intensity of the training is increased. This aerobic and toning workout - two in one - is unique in its results, especially if you do not have a lot of time to train!

ELEVEN *not on our current timetable*

It's time to take it up a notch. Energy, attitude and a whole lot more. Enter Eleven, our new HIIT program, which uses a clever combination of plyometric, functional and athletic exercises, interspersed with blocks of active recovery. Adrenaline is the ultimate hormone, which when released during the Eleven class helps you to burn fats, fill your body with endorphins and allow you to push physical boundaries. Eleven is so effective it can be adaptable as a 15 or 30 min program. With Eleven you will lose weight, build muscle and improve your cardio. We bring you the ultimate fitness program, that will change not only your body, but also your mind, as you reach the next level of physical training.